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Our owner (and self proclaimed grill master) put this together especially for anyone that uses a grill. Our most popular olive oil, Fresh Garlic, is paired with Bone Doctor's Carolina BBQ Sauce and Wasabi-Saki mustard; included is a 1lb bag of Paso Almond Sweet Hots.

This apple cider vinegar-based sauce is great for marinating or grilling. Nothing holds a sauce or rub to grilled meats better than mustard, and this Wasabi-Saki adds incredible flavor without taking it over-the-top with heat. Of course, our fresh garlic olive oil is used on anything that touches a grill and will highlight any form of potatoes or other veggies as well.

For a real treat, we have included one pound of our famous Paso Almond Sweet-Hots. These almond brittle bits are tossed with a little chipotle and salt for a delightful snack. There is enough here for the chef to munch on while tending the grill, with some left over for the guests.

All of this is packaged neatly in a gift box ready for presentation or shipping. 

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