About us

In 2008 Steve Tobey opened an olive oil store in Ventura as a franchisee with a small group of other locations in California. He helped the franchise expand their product line and gained a loyal local customer base. Sadly, Steve passed away in March of 2012. In the spring of 2014, Pam and Alan Davis purchased the store from the Tobey estate.

In the years since, the franchise has increasingly turned their focus toward online sales, which are controlled through the franchise corporate location. The Davis' have sought for ways to maintain the personal service for which the store is known. As the Covid-19 pandemic took root in early 2020, decisions had to be made regarding store operation and customer service. Pam and Alan began curbside service as well as local free delivery. These orders were taken by phone and resulted in many conversations with customers about what products and services they wanted and the Davis' sought out suppliers for products beyond the limited offerings of the franchise.

Within a few months, the number of olive oil and balsamic vinegar varieties offered had more than doubled and the response from customers was incredibly positive. By the fall of 2020 it was obvious that they had grown beyond what the franchise had to offer, so Pam and Alan changed the name of the store to Olive Ventura and left the franchise to become independent. They still offer only the finest California olive oil, but are able make choices regarding things like specific growers or varieties, local producers or organic products. The selection of balsamic vinegars and packaged food has increased and is selected based on the local customers.

At Olive Ventura it is our mission to provide our guests the highest quality products and services. The personal service is what fuels our passion. We now will also offer our products online here, but we are not out to conquer the world...just serve you, our customers.