Special BBQ Box

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Here is a set put together with some of our favorite grilling recipes in mind. 5 ounces each of Garlic olive oil and Pineapple white balsamic. Fish, poultry and pork come alive when these are used to marinate or glaze. Included is a brown sugar that has been cold smoked for amazing flavor. Pair it with a little of the pineapple for an amazing glaze. If you grill at all, you know the value of mustard to hold a sauce or rub and give that delightful crust; this Wasabi Saki adds incredible flavor. We have a added a bottle of our Smoky Pepper grill and marinade sauce. Instead of tomato, this has a plum base for big flavor with lower acidity. Weather grilling, baking or broiling, this box is a treat for the chef!

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