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Our three all-time best selling products. First our Aged Balsamic Vinegar. Thick, sweet and tangy, this is so versatile it is used to grace everything from red meats to desserts. Pair it with just about any olive oil, or use it directly on salads, pastas, or meats, and yes...try it on vanilla ice cream!

Included here are our two most popular flavored olive oils, Meyer Lemon and Garlic. Meyer Lemon (ingredients are only EVOO and Meyer Lemon) pairs well with several of our balsamic vinegars and is also wonderful with vegetables or on fish and poultry. Use it instead of vegetable oil in recipes such as cookies or white cakes. The fresh Garlic (ingredients are only EVOO and Garlic) can be used anywhere garlic is called for in a recipe. It is an excellent base for grilling all types of meat, and great for any pasta or vegetables.

Either of these olive oils with this aged balsamic are excellent for bread dipping!

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